Vimeo’s mission is to empower creators to make, share and sell amazing videos directly to viewers worldwide, in the highest quality possible and with no interruptive advertising. Vimeo is home to the world’s leading video creators and the hundreds of millions of viewers who love them.


Quick Facts

  • Vimeo recently rebuilt its high quality video player from the ground up to offer the most elegant viewing experience across any device by automatically defaulting to HTML5.
  • In 2013, Vimeo launched Vimeo On Demand, an open direct-distribution platform that enables creators to sell work on their own terms by choosing their price, viewing format, and geographical availability while retaining full ownership of their work.
  • Vimeo is available across a spectrum of connected devices, including desktop, phone, tablet, TV, and game consoles, all in beautiful HD quality.
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Jessica Casano-Antonellis

Director of Communications

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