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With new tappable gestures, Tinder’s photos become more like Stories

July 18, 2017
BY TechCrunch - Sarah Perez

Tinder today is rolling out a new navigational experience for users of its mobile application that’s designed to make it easier to move between profile photos and profile text. In the updated app, photos now take up more screen real estate – that is, they extend to the edge of your phone’s screen. The way you move between photos and profiles has changed too, as you now tap on different parts of the screen to navigate between the photos and the text.

Tinder is often credited with popularizing the “swipe to like” mechanism that now a number of apps – including those outside the dating space – have since adopted. In the app’s new navigation, however, swiping is taking a back seat. You can now move backward and forward between photos just by tapping instead. For example, to move to the next picture, you would tap on the right side of the screen; and to go back to the last photo, you’d tap on the left.

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