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You Probably Mention One of These Two Foods in Your Dating Profile

August 28, 2017
BY Food & Wine - Maria Yagoda

Food is an integral part of dating, so it only makes sense that food features prominently in people’s dating profiles. According to new data from OkCupid shared exclusively with Food & Wine, the dish most commonly listed in people’s profiles is … a tie between sushi and pizza. We can’t say we’re too surprised.

The five most common foods that people include in their profiles are pizza, sushi, burgers, tacos and pizza. Across the board, pizza and sushi were the most mentioned foods, with different cities leaning towards one or the other. (Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas and New York were pizza towns, while San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles and Denver users were more likely to shout their love of sushi. This checks out.) Another interesting find: Users from Los Angeles and New York were far more likely to even mention food in their profiles than people from anywhere else. So, to the residents of America's two largest cities: Way to show your food pride.

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