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BACK Comments on Google-Aardvark Proposition in Search

Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 00:35

OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The following are comments made by regarding today's news of a pending agreement between Google and Aardvark.

"A Google+Aardvark combination in the search marketplace absolutely validates the Q&A space where Ask has been #1 in for years. We welcome that challenge, we're ready for it, and we believe we're the best in the world at Q&A – as we always have been."  - Scott Garell, President, Ask Networks

 "Google's purchase of Aardvark is simply an acknowledgement that Q&A is the future of search. As the #1 brand in Q&A, we've been passionate about investing in this next phase of search for a long time.  Our current technology is unmatched at answering questions using content we've crawled and indexed from across the web.  In Q2, we'll also beta launch a Q+A community that will route the questions we receive to real people with relevant knowledge. This community will reach search engine scale - able to handle more than a million questions a day, faster than Google or any of our competitors. We're singularly focused on Q+A because, in the end, we believe that consumers rather Ask a question, than Google one." - Doug Leeds, President,

About is an operating business of IAC. The Ask Network of sites is the 6th largest Internet property in the U.S., with 95.7 million domestic unique monthly visitors, according to January 2010 comScore data. syndicates its search technology and advertising solutions to a network of affiliate partners.


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