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Austin Ranks No. 1 for Summer Romance, According to the Nation's Singles in Survey

Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 00:40

It's summertime and for many singles, thoughts turn to romance. A survey of more than 2,300 members in 18* U.S. cities may provide some insight into the role geography will play in this season's love affairs. In the survey, in which members answered questions about their experiences dating and relating in their city of residence, Austin won top honors overall, distinguishing itself as the city where people are the best at giving and receiving love.

  The top five scoring cities in the survey were:
   1.  Austin
   2.  Chicago
   3.  Las Vegas
   4.  Dallas
   5.  Atlanta

  Flirting, Kissing and Making Love

According to the survey Las Vegas is the most flirtatious city, with a second-place tie going to New York and Atlanta. Boston ranked as the least flirtatious city. First dates in Columbus are the most likely to include a kiss, while first dates in San Jose were the least likely to involve any lip locking.

Singles in Houston were the most likely to describe that city's singles as being "the best" at making love, while singles in San Jose were the most likely to believe their bed mates' performance left a lot of room for improvement. Second place honors for prowess in the bedroom went to Austin, and third place to Philadelphia.

Generosity on Dates

Men in Atlanta were the most likely to say they tend to give flowers to their dates, while men in Boston were the least likely to say this. Second place honors for men giving flowers went to Las Vegas and third place to Chicago.

In all cities, men were significantly more likely than women to say they paid for a date. Men in San Jose (95%) were the most likely to say they tend to pick up the tab on a date, while men in San Francisco (74%) were the least likely to say this. Although most women did not report picking up the tab on a date, women in Austin and Orlando were the most likely to say that they do tend to pay.

Mind Your Manners

Singles in Boston report feeling the most difficulty approaching someone they see and inquiring if he or she is single, followed by singles in Los Angeles and Orlando, who also report this is very difficult to do. Singles in Austin are the most likely to say approaching someone isn't at all difficult. Orlando singles are the most likely to report that they always call a date after saying "I'll call you," while singles in New York City are the least likely to report this.

Singles in Dallas may be the most tactful, as they are the least likely to talk about an ex on a first date. Residents of San Antonio may do well to guard their wallets, as singles in this city were the most likely to report they would date someone to whom they are not attracted, but who is both rich and generous. Singles in Boston, followed closely by Los Angeles and San Antonio, were the most likely to describe themselves as a great catch with a lot to offer.

"While geography doesn't dictate our romantic passion or the quality of our dates, this survey indicates that singles in some cities may tend to burn at a low simmer, while others sizzle with romantic behaviors and passions," said Trish McDermott, vice president of romance at "Although our quest for great sex may take us to Houston, or our delight in being wined and dined might land us in San Jose, our desire for a very real and meaningful connection this summer should lead us to take the initiative by logging on to look for someone special."

* Singles in the following 18 cities were surveyed: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Washington DC, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose.

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