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Avoid Turning Your Thanksgiving Celebration Into a Turkey

Sunday, November 2, 2008 - 22:10

BOSTON, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Thanksgiving celebrations are as typically American as Apple/Cherry/Pumpkin pie and as individual as the reasons people have to be thankful. Still, hosting or attending a Thanksgiving dinner is often not an easy, stress-free experience.

For starters, Thanksgiving requires lots of advance planning and prepping, made more challenging because it always falls during the workweek. And, for those mini-Marthas that need to create spectacular centerpieces and positively perfect place-settings right down to the autumnally festooned napkin rings, the house can be abuzz with arts and crafts before Election Day ends.

Even guests, though spared the cares of the pre-company house cleaning; home-cooking, and the annual defrosting of behemoth-sized birds in the bathtub, often endure arduous hours of travel or worse, hours of mind-numbing waiting to travel.

Thanksgiving is also frequently fraught with the pressures of maintaining family traditions from replicating Mom's recipes to whose Mom's recipes to use; who carves the beast, and whether it is necessary to have the relish style fresh cranberry sauce and the jelled variety with its elegantly shimmering can lines.

Far more than a cranberry sauce resource or a time/ temperature guide to roasting turkey, Life123(TM) tackles the thorny questions that make many other sites head for the sidelines.

Indeed, visitors need only type "Thanksgiving" into its search box to pull up tips on everything from hosting a first Thanksgiving and creating crafty table settings and cornucopia to safe food handling and recipes for savory cornbread, varieties of fresh Cranberry relish, and that sweet seasonal staple, pumpkin pie. For those imbued with a love of historic Thanksgiving traditions, there's even a section of Native American and Colonial recipes. (For a related topic, type "football" into the site's search box).

Like life, is not comprised solely of heaping helpings followed by days of leftovers (though there are five recipes for turkey casserole on the site). There's also a wealth of money-saving tips; ways to cope with holiday stress (like those intrusive questions from well-meaning relatives) and even pointers on how to not completely decimate one's diet.

And lest we forget ... According to's feature Hold Your First Thanksgiving Dinner Without Going Crazy, "a turkey needs approximately 20 minutes per pound to cook (based on a 325-degree oven)."


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