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Barry Diller Resigns as Chairman and CEO of Vivendi Universal Entertainment

Wednesday, March 19, 2003 - 05:30

Barry Diller announced today he is resigning his position as CEO of Vivendi Universal Entertainment.

"My executive role was never intended to be permanent. Now that Vivendi Universal has begun a formal process in reviewing options for its entertainment assets, it is appropriate to step aside from any direct management responsibility. USA Interactive (Nasdaq: USAI) and I remain shareholders of Vivendi Universal Entertainment and we are all hopeful for a speedy resolution of its future.

"To the people of Universal, many of whom I've known and worked with for a very long time, and the many I've met these last 9 months: you have all done truly fine work during a very difficult and distracting period - your dedication to that work and to the preservation and continuation of the fine values of Universal and MCA's history is evidence of your own quality and values."

CONTACT: USA Interactive Corporate Communications Ron Sato, 212/314-7254.

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