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'Coupons' & 'Credit Scores' Top's Real Deal List of Most Popular Searches in 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008 - 00:42

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Popular search site, an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI), today unveiled its Real Deal list of 2008's most popular searches, as determined by the millions of people who conducted billions of searches on Ask this year. With more than 70 million unique monthly searchers, the Ask network of sites is the 7th largest Internet property in the U.S., according to comScore Media Metrix (Oct. 2008). The full list is available at

"The heart and soul of America - our passions, concerns, and aspirations - are reflected in this year's searches. From the national pride that surged during the Beijing Olympics and the presidential elections, to the humbling realization of the economic downturn, this year more than ever we saw Americans using Ask to find social connections, solutions, and savings during turbulent and fast-paced times," said Jim Safka, CEO of

Economy Dominates the Year's Search Trends

Once again, "Dictionary" was a search-term topper as people sought to understand the words that flooded Americana news, such as "Maverick" and "Recession." Reflecting the powerful role that social networking played in this year's elections, MySpace, Facebook and YouTube all took prime-time spots in the top 10. Finally, financial maelstrom sent consumers on a money-saving quest, with "Coupons," bargain site "Craigslist," cost-efficient "Online Degrees," and "Credit Score" all appearing for the first time in the Ask "Top 10 of '08."

  Ask's Top Real Deal Searches of 2008
  1.  Dictionary             6.  Coupons
  2.  MySpace                7.  Cars
  3.  Google                 8.  Craigslist
  4.  YouTube                9.  Online degrees
  5.  Facebook               10. Credit score

  Find Me a Deal

Ask searchers were hunting down deals for all facets of their everyday lives, demonstrated by top queries for "cheap," "used," and "discount" airline tickets, cars, and even textbooks.

  Ask's Top Deals & Steals Searches of 2008
  1.  Cheap airline tickets        6.  Cheap prom dresses
  2.  Used cars                    7.  Discount theme park tickets
  3.  Cheap apartments for rent    8.  Restaurant coupons
  4.  Auto insurance deals         9.  Used textbooks
  5.  Deals on hotels              10. Cheap gas

  Beauty before Age: Disney Darlings Outnumber Hollywood Headliners

It was the year of teen sensations, with Disney stars owning six of the top 10 celebrity searches in 2008.

  Ask's Top Celebrity Searches of 2008
  1.  Jonas Brothers        6.  Selena Gomez
  2.  Miley Cyrus           7.  Zac Efro
  3.  Angelina Jolie        8.  Jennifer Aniston
  4.  Madonna               9.  Jamie Lynn Spears
  5.  Vanessa Hudgens       10. Victoria Beckham

  Over 40 and Thriving

Despite teen pregnancy headlines fueled by Jamie Lynn Spears, Bristol Palin, and the Massachusetts teen pregnancy pact, the real news is that four of the top 10 most-searched celebrity moms were over the age of 40 in 2008.

  Ask's Top Celebrity Baby Mamas of 2008
  1.  Angelina Jolie        6.  Christina Aguilera
  2.  Jessica Alba          7.  Halle Berry
  3.  Jamie Lynn Spears     8.  Nicole Kidman
  4.  Sarah Palin           9.  Salma Hayek
  5.  Jennifer Lopez        10. Gwen Stefani

  America's Top Jocks are NASCAR Hot Wheels and NBA Hoops

This is one race that Olympics hero Michael Phelps didn't win. NASCAR and NBA athletes dominated the Ask top 10; and tennis star Serena Williams truly played "singles" as the only female to grace the list.

  Ask's Top Sports Icon Searches of 2008
  1.  Jimmie Johnson          6.  Tiger Woods
  2.  Kobe Bryant             7.  Allen Iverson
  3.  Jeff Gordon             8.  David Beckham
  4.  Lebron James            9.  Mohammad Ali
  5.  Michael Phelps          10. Serena Williams

  Searching for Meaning behind the Buzz

Ever-curious Americans flooded for insight into this year's buzz words, which were fueled by the political climate of candidate jibs and jabs. "Maverick," "Socialism," "Recession," and "Potholes" were all part of the year's top 10 fastest-rising searches on, which purchased in May 2008.'s Top Gainers of 2008
  1.  Maverick               6.  Cyclone
  2.  Socialism              7.  Solace
  3.  Economy                8.  Realtor
  4.  Recession              9.  Environment
  5.  Radical                10. Potholes

  2008's Most Popular Questions*

There seems to be no limit to what searchers will ask of their...well, Ask search box. This year Americans' questions reflected plans for big life changes, with questions about pregnancy, resumes, and even name changes all in the top 10.

  Ask's Top Question Searches of 2008
  1.  How do I get pregnant?       6.  How do I change my name?
  2.  How do I lose weight?        7.  What is the meaning of life?
  3.  How do I write a resume?     8.  How do I register to vote?
  4.  How much is minimum wage?    9.  Why is the sky blue?
  5.  How much is my car worth?    10. How do I download videos?

*Studies show searchers enter their queries in the form of a question three times more on Ask than on any other search engine!

About is an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI). The Ask Network of sites has more than 153 million worldwide unique monthly users, according to October 2008 comScore data. syndicates its search technology and advertising solutions to a network of affiliate partners.


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