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Insider Pages™ Launches Comprehensive Doctor Finder Tool as an Alternative to Health Insurance Websites

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - 02:00

SAN FRANCISCO, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Insider Pages™ (, a subsidiary of Citysearch, LLC,  and operating business of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI), today announced the launch of Doctor Finder, a new tool devoted to making it easy to find a doctor, dentist or medical specialist based on the criteria most important to patients.  Frustrated by the limited functionality and lack of patient reviews available on most health insurance websites, Insider Pages™ created a solution that combines all the criteria critical to selecting a doctor -- in one place.  Now, users can search for a doctor based on factors such as patient ratings and specialty, insurance plans accepted, board certification and record, gender and years of experience.


"Most people start with their health insurance carrier's web site when they want to find a doctor but end up frustrated with the lack of information they find there," said Eric Peacock, General Manager, Insider Pages™. "What they really want is a great doctor, in network that is close to them but all they find is a directory of names and addresses with no ratings.  As a result, most people choose their doctor based on only two factors: insurance and location.  Using our Doctor Finder, a person could find a qualified pediatrician that takes Blue Cross, has a clean record and is highly rated by patients."

With the recent passage of the healthcare reform bill, millions of Americans will enter the healthcare system in the coming years, many of them young and tech-savvy who will search online for doctors that accept their new health insurance plans. Most health insurance company websites shy away from soliciting and displaying user reviews about doctors in their network and do not furnish information about a doctor's record.  

Insider Pages allows individuals to share first-hand reviews of their doctors and to rank the doctor based on nine specific factors such as ease of making an appointment, whether they felt the doctor spent sufficient time with them, and whether they felt the doctor listened to and answered their questions.

Through a partnership with HealthGrades, the leading independent healthcare ratings organization, Insider Pages™ gives users access to 1.2 million patient ratings and 15 discrete data points on each of more than 800,000 doctors. For more comprehensive profiles on each healthcare provider, including malpractice and sanction records, individuals can click through from Insider Pages to

"What we are providing is the type of detailed search functionality consumers have come to expect on the web and when given the option, they'll look at all this data when choosing a doctor," continued Peacock. "We are working hard to make sure that all the information you need to make a good choice is on  Picking out a doctor is certainly different than picking out a restaurant – but hopefully we can make it almost as easy."

For additional information on Insider Pages' health & medical services, or to find the right doctor in your area, please visit:  

About Insider Pages

Insider Pages™ ( is a place where people go to read and post reviews of local businesses and services.  Insider Pages™ has over 2,000,000 customer-written reviews of local businesses and industry-leading coverage in services relevant to parents and homeowners such as doctors, dentists, contractors, insurance agents, hair stylists and much more. Over six million people visit Insider Pages™ each month. Insider Pages™ is a subsidiary of Citysearch, LLC (an IAC operating company) and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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