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InstantAction Launches Technology for Licensing, Empowering Developers and Publishers to Easily Deploy Any Game to the Web

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 00:18

Eugene, OR – February 24, 2009 – Today InstantAction announced the availability of InstantAction Technology, the technology behind its revolutionary web gaming destination, to game developers and publishers.  The introduction of InstantAction Technology is a major technological achievement, marking the first time game developers and publishers can deliver games through a web browser without compromising performance.  This new distribution opportunity expands the reach of both new and existing games developed for any platform by putting them where consumers already are: on the web.  Showcasing the success of the InstantAction Technology to date, officially launched today, exiting its beta trial period. 

InstantAction Technology
Allowing any game made with any engine to run directly in the web browser without intensive downloads or performance limitations, InstantAction Technology will enable a level of success that online gaming has yet to realize.  In addition to running any game in a browser, the suite of tools and services provide social networking systems and other cloud services, allowing developers to create a more immersive experience for their games.

“The growth of games played in a browser is one of the fastest of any platform that we track. However, it has been limited by relatively unsophisticated graphics and development tools,” said Evan S. Wilson, senior research analyst of Pacific Crest Securities.  “InstantAction represents the best example that we've seen of advancing browser-based games to a level that gamers have come to demand. It removes several previous limitations that have prevented developers from pursuing games for the browser and this will further accelerate the growth of the category.”

For the first time, developers and publishers can leverage InstantAction Technology to bring console-quality games – built with idTech, Python, Torque, Unreal, or any other technology – to any destination on the web. This makes games more accessible and viral by allowing players to share a game with friends just as easily as they share video links—by sending a simple URL.  Those friends can join live game sessions with just one click. 

"Bringing InstantAction Technology to market has the potential to completely change how developers and publishers think about game distribution," said Brett Seyler, Vice President of InstantAction Technology. "Our early conversations with developers and publishers have generated a lot of excitement for this amazing technology, as the industry realizes that the web will transform games as much as it has with all other media from photos, to music, to video."

Deployment of games is supported by the InstantAction Technology Cloud, a suite of web services that enable connective community features.  Using these services, data can be saved in the cloud allowing players to access their accounts, games, game progress, game settings, and characters from any machine anywhere.  Rich social features such as stats tracking, chat, matchmaking, achievements and profiles are all available to customers utilizing InstantAction Technology cloud services.

For more information on InstantAction Technology visit  An example of a full-blown build out using InstantAction Technology can be found at is the realization of the industry’s vision of browser-based, console-quality online gaming that features advanced 3D graphics and connected competitive game play. The gaming destination is an ever-expanding portfolio of games supplemented with rich functionality enabled via InstantAction Technology.  Games currently available on include Fallen Empire: Legions, Marble Blast Online, Rokkitball, Think Tanks, ZAP!, LORE: Aftermath, Ace of Aces, and Galcon.

The beta goals achieved include:

•    Stability and quality: It’s now easier and faster to load games, play with most hardware configurations, and stay connected through intensive gameplay.
•    Games from all genres: now spans many genres, including First Person Shooter, Real-Time Strategy, Flight Simulation, Mech, Platformer, and more. 
•    Play in all major browsers and on both PC and Mac platforms: now supports IE, Firefox, and Safari browsers on both Windows and Mac OS.
•    Huge Community: reached its 1,400,000th user registration in February. Users can jump into any multiplayer game and make new friends while engaging in combat, joining a clan, or just wasting some time. 
•    Live Development: The innovative live development process allows players to participate in the development of the site and games.
About InstantAction
InstantAction, a new IAC property, is an online gaming innovator that brings 3D multi-player console-quality games to the web, playable through a browser. It brings together the best of gaming with the best of web combining the web's accessibility and social interaction with high end graphics and competitive game play., the online gaming destination, has more than 1.4 million registrations, with users spending on average over 30 minutes a day on the site. is powered by InstantAction Technology, a newly available suite of tools and services that enables developers to deploy any game, made with any technology, to any destination on the web.  Visit InstantAction at or for more detail.

About IAC
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