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Investopedia Expands Advisor Insights, Aims to be a Matchmaker for Advisors and Investors

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 07:00

NEW YORK, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Investopedia, the premier online source of trusted financial content, today announced the expansion of Advisor Insights to offer Priority Leads to fuel advisors' growth. Hitting its one-year milestone, Advisor Insights is now the largest platform for advisor-created content in the U.S., with close to 10,000 articles and answers written by advisors. The average advisor realizes over 50X the traffic and digital exposure than if they only published their content on their own blog.

Advisor Insights' new Priority Leads program connects qualified advisors with qualified potential clients who are looking to hire an advisor. Additionally, all advisors can now receive qualified leads whenever an advisor answers a question via the Advisor Insight platform, and a user viewing the answer requests a consultation with that advisor. With rising competition for assets and shifting demographic needs, the launch of qualified lead generation opens up a significant, untapped, free prospecting opportunity for advisors around the nation.

"One common challenge I've heard from the thousands of advisors we speak to is the need to better connect with prospective clients who need financial advice," comments David Siegel, CEO of Investopedia. "We're trying to facilitate the forging of relationships between investors and advisors on their financial journey. Priority Leads is a complementary benefit to the PR, video, newsletter and other digital marketing services we provide at no cost to financial advisors."

Investopedia's significant reach has driven Advisor Insights' rapid growth. The platform's top active advisors have each had nearly 1,000,000 users viewing their content and have accumulated hundreds of followers. Among the most attractive free perks offered for advisors are:

- Marketing videos: Eligible advisors receive a video, professionally filmed at their office, to promote their practice.
- Article Syndication: Advisor articles are syndicated to Business Insider, Nasdaq, CNBC and others, thus further driving their digital brand.

"Advisor Insights is a great way to educate those in need of financial guidance," said Arden Rodgers, CFA, Founder and President of Arbus Capital Management LLC. "With the launch of lead generation, I now also have the opportunity to connect with users one-on-one outside of the Advisor Insight platform to form potential client relationships. Through building my presence on the platform, I was fortunate enough to find and add a new client to my portfolio."

Siegel added, "The one-year anniversary of Advisor Insights is significant because we have very quickly transformed advisors' ability to leverage digital to drive meaningful off-platform relationships with prospects. We're pleased by the extremely positive feedback from our members and are confident we will become the largest digital source of new client acquisition for financial advisors in the years ahead, at no cost to advisors."

To join the community of financial advisors on Investopedia's Advisor Insights, apply here.

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