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Latest Research Suggests Women's Intuition is Real

Monday, May 8, 2006 - 21:09

WHO: Dr. Helen Fisher, world-renowned biological anthropologist, best-selling author and Chief Scientific Advisor for is available to comment about the findings of new research published by the independent scientific academy, the Royal Society. Dr. Fisher has spent more than 25 years studying the science of human attraction, and her current book, Why We Love, discusses her research on the brain physiology of romantic love, love at first sight, and why we fall in love with one person rather than another.

WHAT: New research published by the Royal Society (May 9, 2006) indicates that a woman can accurately establish a man's masculinity and his affinity for children simply by looking at a picture of his face. Women also made judgments about long-term and short-term relationships by looking at a man’s face.  This study supports the science behind the fastest growing relationship site, uses Dr. Fisher’s research in the patent-pending Chemistry Profile(TM) questionnaire, which uses biochemical questions to reveal levels of testosterone, estrogen, dopamine and other chemicals in the brain, to more scientifically match members with potential romantic partners. Dr. Fisher believes that the Royal Society study supports the approach, noting that:

  • Women and men send and respond to all sorts of biological cues from the opposite sex and these cues can trigger feelings of attraction.
  • is the only online relationship site that factors in these biological components when matching our members with potential romantic partners.
  • One example of the profile questions asks individuals to look at four photos and choose the one that has the most sincere smile. People with high levels of estrogen rather than testosterone (typically women) have better social skills and are better at reading other people.
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