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New York Citysearch Announces Rollout of Local Pay for Performance Solution Aimed to Help Big Apple Businesses Maximize Their Full Advertising Potential

Thursday, April 17, 2003 - 01:00

New York Citysearch® ( ), a trusted source for local information, announced the rollout of its Local Pay for Performance advertising solution for New York area businesses. This marks the first time a true community- segmented Pay for Performance sales model has been made available to local businesses. Through Local Pay for Performance, New York businesses will not be charged a fee for advertising until Citysearch drives qualified users to the businesses' listing information. Citysearch's Local Pay for Performance solution helps generate click-through results, providing New York businesses with one of the most cost-effective ways to drive targeted leads to their establishment.

"Upon signing up for Citysearch's Local Pay for Performance advertising solution, Pura Vida saw results almost instantly," said Leslie Santiago, owner of Pura Vida restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. "We are guaranteed that we don't have to pay any money for advertising unless Citysearch drives us traffic, and we are now seeing about forty percent of our new customer traffic coming directly from the Citysearch site. We only pay for what we get and not a cent more. It really is the best advertising money we've ever spent, period!"

In conjunction with the rollout of the new sales model, New York Citysearch launched the next generation version of its website. The new version of the site is designed to connect users with increased speed and efficiency to everything from local eateries and spas, to doctors and plumbers. The new site provides users with the best local search on the Web, enriched editorial reviews, distinct placement for advertisers, information and advice on what's happening around town, and convenient access to in-depth information on the more than 690,000 local New York businesses.

"I am not aware of any other site that offers the same amount of information and content that Citysearch provides," said Jamie Raybin, a Citysearch user. "I can use Citysearch to find exactly what I am looking for, or browse around the home page or event calendar for great ideas. The editorial reviews and user ratings are great at introducing me to new and exciting places around my city. Thanks for helping me easily navigate through my city!"

  Users can take advantage of Citysearch's:
   -- Best Local Search -- providing improved local search results to help
      users find the best of their city.
   -- Simplified Ratings -- offering users an easy-to-understand rating
      system based on a one to ten scale, for making quick and informed
   -- Local Tools -- giving users the ability to access insider tips, map
      locations, find the business closest to them, rate establishments, and
      Evite friends.
   -- Editorial Recommendations -- helping users stay abreast of the latest
      trends, by supplying up to the minute insight on what's hot around
   -- My Citysearch -- enabling users to access customized information, with
      just a single click.
   -- Consumer Reviews -- allowing users to review business and events
      across a broad range of topics from restaurants and bars to plumbers
      and doctors.  With more than half a million reviews nationally, users
      gain local insight into their city to help them make more informed
   -- Travel Channel -- delivering regional travel ideas and itineraries, as
      well as instant access to great travel bargains from Expedia.

  About Citysearch is a premier provider of local information on topics ranging from restaurants and shopping to travel and professional services. Citysearch empowers users to make informed decisions about where to spend their time and money by delivering more than 500,000 editorial and user reviews of local businesses. Citysearch is both the number one provider of in-depth restaurant information on the web, influencing more than a million people a month about where to eat, and the number three local directory, supplying information for every domestic zip code. Citysearch is a division of USA Interactive.

   For More Information:
   Eric Jaffe, 213-639-8823;

Citysearch's corporate headquarters is located at 3731 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90010; 213-739-3200;

PRNewswire -- April 17

SOURCE: Citysearch

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