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Teoma 2.0 Launches with Improved Relevance, New Search Tools and Advanced Functionalities

Tuesday, January 21, 2003 - 05:47

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Jan. 21, 2003 -- Teoma's search technology, which has grown to a 25 percent unduplicated reach of North American Web users in less than two years (Nielsen//NetRatings), today unveiled Teoma 2.0, the next generation of its Web-wide search engine. Teoma adds authority to search results through its breakthrough approach, known as Subject-Specific Popularity(SM). Building on this community-based technology, Teoma 2.0 advancements include significantly improved relevance, powerful new search tools and advanced search functionalities. Teoma is owned and operated by Ask Jeeves®, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASKJ).


"Teoma's revolutionary approach to organizing and analyzing the Web is built on a completely different premise than any other search engine on the market," said Paul Gardi, general manager of Teoma. "The statistical improvements we're seeing in relevance as we grow, proven by blind taste-tests on partner sites, are an exciting hint at what the future holds for this sophisticated technology."

Since January 2002, Teoma's unduplicated reach has grown by 175 percent, from nine percent to 25 percent, making it the third-most widely used search technology in North America, behind Google and Inktomi. Teoma syndicates its search technology to some of the Internet's most popular Web properties, including Ask Jeeves (® and, Excite, InfoSpace and HotBot.

"Our rapid growth is a credit to the power and potential of the core technology, which is just beginning to be unleashed," added Gardi. "Teoma's community-based approach provides us with the keys to unlocking relevance at a deeper level than any other technology. This will be a core focus for us in 2003." Teoma 2.0 advancements include:

-- Improved Relevance

Improvements in Teoma's relevance are most dramatically illustrated
by increases in user statistics on popular search site Ask Jeeves
( Since integrating Teoma's search results into Ask Jeeves
one year ago, the number of times a user picks a search result has
increased by 42 percent. Additionally, site abandonment has decreased
by 48 percent on Ask Jeeves over the same time period. In Q4 2002
alone, after upgrading to Teoma 2.0, user pick-rate on Ask Jeeves
increased by 22 percent, while site abandonment decreased by 28
percent. Further support for Teoma's improved relevance comes from
a recent test performed by respected industry publication Search
Engine Watch; Teoma's relevance grade was raised to an "A"
following the integration of Teoma 2.0. Google, Yahoo and MSN were
the only other engines to receive this score.

-- Better Communities
Like real-life social networks, the Web is organized into clusters
of local communities. Communities are groups of Web pages that are
about or related to the same subject. Teoma is the only search
technology that can view these communities as they naturally occur
on the Web (displayed under the heading "Refine" on
This unique method allows Teoma to generate more finely tuned search
results, exposing dimensions of the Web that have previously gone
unseen by other engines. In other words, Teoma's community-based
approach reveals a 3-D image of the Web, providing it with more
information about a particular Web page than other engines, which
only have a one-dimensional view of the Web. This wealth of
information allows Teoma to add a new level of relevance to search
results, known as authority. Authority represents a level of
expertise or knowledge to a Web page as validated by the other
Web pages about the same subject.

-- Web-Based Spell Check
Teoma's proprietary Spell Check technology identifies query
misspellings and offers corrections that help improve the relevance
and precision of search results. The Spell Check technology,
developed by Teoma's team of scientists, leverages the real-time
content of the Web to determine the correct spelling of a word.
Teoma's Spell Check technology is available on and Ask
Jeeves ( and

-- Dynamic Descriptions
Dynamic Descriptions(SM) enhance search results and the visual
relevance of a page by showing the context of search terms as they
actually appear on the referenced Web pages. This feature provides
searchers with valuable information that helps them quickly determine
the relevance of a Web page in association with their query.

-- Advanced Search Tools
Teoma's Advanced Search Tools allow searchers to refine a query using
specific criteria such as by exact phrase, page location, geographic
region, domain and site, date, search within results and word filter.
Users can also search using ten Western languages, including Danish,
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese,
Spanish and Swedish. A link to Teoma's Advanced Search Tools can be
found next to the search box on Additional Advanced
Search tools will be released over the course of 2003.

-- Expanded Index
Over the past year, Teoma has grown its index by more than 500 per-
cent. With the release of Teoma 2.0, Teoma has crawled more than one
billion Web pages and indexed more than 500 million URLs. Teoma takes
a deliberate approach to developing its index in order to minimize
spam and duplicates within its database. Despite having a smaller
index than other search engines, Teoma can already claim industry-
leading relevance, as indicated by the partner statistics above.
Teoma will continue to grow its index, including major size increases
planned for spring and summer of 2003.

"Teoma 2.0 represents the next evolution of the Teoma technology, but it in no way signifies the end of our development period," said Apostolos Gerasoulis, Ph.D., founder of Teoma and vice president of research and development for Ask Jeeves. "I am extremely proud of the improvements in both relevance and scalability we are seeing from Teoma. It is particularly impressive because we are only just now starting to realize the full potential of our algorithms and approach. Over the next few months, our relevance will only improve as we leverage the true power of this technology."

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