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In Tough Times, Life Must Go On

Monday, February 16, 2009 - 22:09

Get your house in order with how-to articles at Life123

BOSTON, Feb. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The market's a mess . . . but how's your house? A money crunch shouldn't mean putting the kibosh on home and garden upkeep. In fact, procrastinating on cleaning, decorating, improving or maintaining your home and garden can be more expensive ultimately. One ignored problem begets others. Plus, reports show that the price of materials has dropped significantly in the last year due to overproduction. Take advantage!

Whether you make or break the bank is simply a matter of know-how. offers plenty of articles dedicated to helping you make informed, and therefore frugal, decisions.

Don't be afraid to think big right off the bat. Look at home improvements as long-term investments rather than insignificant indulgences. By learning more about types of insulation, you could see the benefits immediately in your lower heating and cooling bills. By paying attention to simple tips from a professional on hanging drywall you'll save yourself time and money by doing it right the first time.

If do-it-yourself repair is too much, consider your options for fashionable fix-ups. Start with removing your dreary old wallpaper. The Decorator Fabrics Primer, for example, suggests taking an unusual approach to design, like using burlap fabric, or silk, or canvas, or denim to decorate your home. Another primer offers a quick way to understand interior design styles, namely what constitutes Retro, Art Deco, Asian Influence and Modern looks. You can also get helpful tips for decorating small spaces or kids' rooms, starting with teen bedroom ideas.

Another way to get creative, without initiating an overhaul, is to put your green thumb to work. Save bucks in the produce section by learning how to grow raspberries or other bramble berry bushes. Again, informing yourself can save time, energy and money. Quick, what's your planting zone? It's best to know before you decide what you want to grow.

Or just start small. Setting schedules for cleaning house means first identifying your daily, weekly and monthly needs. Once you've got a plan of action, some tips for actually getting the job done can only help. Cleaning with vinegar, for example is an inexpensive alternative to marketed cleaning products, plus it's environmentally friendly!

Whatever you've got on your home "To-Do" list, now's the time to start researching how to get it done.

SOURCE: Life123

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